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Our trek... - Saturday, November 16, 2013

Hi. Today is the day our foundation begins its trek. We are looking for opportunities, ideas, answers, and stories, and we’ve come here to create positive change one step at a time. We’re glad you’re here.

Since I am a Pollyanna at heart, rose-colored glasses and all, we’re not going to spend a lot of time dwelling on the what ifs, omg's, or statistics. Living well with ovarian cancer is what I am talking about and what our foundation is all about. We’ll do whatever it takes to make advances in detecting, managing and curing this dis-ease.

I was shocked when the doctors said I had ovarian cancer and that I was a classic case of advanced stage diagnosis. I remember saying “Really? Seriously? You have to be wrong. Go back to the drawing board because I truly don't have time for this. I am busy!” After all, I had annual Pap smears, Mammograms, check ups with my internist plus I worked out, ate well and occasionally meditated to boot!

Needless to say, the doctors were right and so now in between shopping, cooking, traveling, and pottery is chemo, blood work, no hair, new hair, and more love and support than I could ever imagine. And that is how it all began.

I want to do everything I can to help my daughters, girlfriends, and all women learn about ovarian cancer, identify its tell tale signs, understand that a screening test isn't available, and help change that.

Susan Poorman Blackie Ovarian Cancer Foundation is a small group of passionate, focused, not-very-quiet individuals (you will get what I mean as updates come along) determined to make a difference.

Please join us on this journey; you are vital to change and the reason we’re here. It may seem like attempting the 500 mile Camino de Santiago in Spain, but to me, it's just putting on your Nikes, walking out the door, and taking that first step.

With love and light, Susan

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