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Dear Mom - Sunday, May 8, 2016
Dear Mom,
Today is Mother’s Day, and while part of me wants this day to pass as quickly as possible so I can try to fool myself into not missing you so much, I can hear you saying to me, in that subtle way you would when life was less than ideal, “well this isn’t exactly how I thought today would go, but we love each other and that’s all that matters.”
The beauty I’ve learned over the last few years since you and grandmother passed is that you were so right - love truly is what matters and it’s the love that remains. Sure, it’s often the kind of love that only lives where joy meets grief, and sure, I’d rather be celebrating mom’s love over brunch and a Prosecco, but today, it’s the love we shared during those times that matters. It’s the love that I still carry with me each day. It’s the love that defines who I am and how I live my life. And it’s the love I now share with others.
Whether sharing that love is through helping women with ovarian cancer through your legacy SPB Foundation, whether it’s the love I give to my partner or whether it’s the nod of love I give to the man hunched over at a busy stoplight who looks to need some, it’s all about love. I know it sounds cliché and sentimental, and I’m far from being all “lovey” every minute of my life (just ask Kevin) but it’s true.  
You see mom, now I know that the love you gave me was meant to share with others. And not only does that love remain, it expands, burns brighter and has the power to transform. And while you and I might rather spend today having one of our marathon talks about how to be more loving in our lives, I know now the ultimate purpose of those talks - and everything we shared while you were here in person – is to be more loving in my life and contribute with lovingkindness to the world.
Speaking of the world, today also happens to be World Ovarian Cancer Day so I’m especially humbled and grateful that, before you moved on, you created a space named SPB for a special brand of love to live and where each day I experience love amongst a community of ovarian cancer thrivers, their families and friends, and those working to make their lives better. Talk about love matters…
So kudos mom. Here’s to a job well done, a mission accomplished and a role fulfilled. You instilled in me a boundless, far-reaching and never ending love that is living on in many ways.
Something tells me you’d think that’s a pretty darn good way to honor mother’s day.
And so it is.
Happy Mom’s Day…


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