Calls for balance…

Beautiful balance - Susan enjoys time with her granddaughter Brooke

A fabulous 2014 to you all! Time has flown since the launch of our website in December and thank you all for your positive, encouraging responses. Our team was overwhelmed with gratitude and motivated by your support.
It was two years ago this month that I heard the words “you have ovarian cancer” and life has been full of extraordinary lessons since.  The one that stands out to me these days is balance. Navigating the detours a dis-ease like cancer has thrown my way rocks the boat, to say the least, and yet I call on balance in a new way each time it does.
I had chemo the Monday before Christmas, and while not my dream holiday scenario, I thought “Hey, no big deal. I can do this!” Well, after feeling good and having fun opening presents with my family on Christmas morning, it wasn’t long before “the droops” set in and I was lying on the sofa while my family played and cooked the "roast beast.” Cancer doesn’t take time off for the holidays so treatment doesn’t either.  I learned that laying low this Christmas was my trade off…and my balance.

Then my sweet Mom passed away in January and it broke my heart.   Making peace with this while undergoing cancer treatment was surreal.  My family stepped in and said “You get well; we will handle everything else.”  They helped me balance my scale and focus on recovery while dealing with my grief.  I gave up control (not easy for me to do!) of arrangements and let others help me in order to keep balanced.  After all, it was Mother's wish for me to be totally well.

On a lighter note, I took the plunge into Eastern medicine this year by adding acupuncture to my healing plan. It's kind of funny saying "on a lighter note" when I’m having needles stuck into my body!  Acupuncture helps correct imbalances in the body and mind so it makes sense to integrate it with chemo.  I find my sessions soothing and restorative.  Yet another way I’m heeding the call for balance.

The key for me, I’m learning, is accepting that I can’t do everything I want.  Yes, life is different now, but life doesn't wait until after cancer.   It just calls for more balance, more patience, and more flexibility. Cancer or not, I think we could all use more of those.

At the foundation, we’re practicing balance as we learn and grow. Choosing the best research projects, meeting with strategic partners, and taking action requires time, energy and steadiness.  Like I’ve always said, this is not a sprint; it’s a marathon.
So what is calling for balance in your life?   What are you learning as you practice finding, losing, and/or restoring balance? Please consider sharing your story in our comments below.  Your lessons are sure to help others.  I’d love to hear (and learn) from you.

I wish you all a beautiful new year. If you’d like to help, please spread the word about our efforts to save women’s lives by advancing ovarian cancer detection and treatment options.
And always, believe in healing. And balance along the way!
Love and light,
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